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Owner/ Practitioner

We are a Alternative medicine, holistic practice in Downtown Kennebunk Maine. We offer a variety healing therapies (for a list please see services page) . I have been in the Holistic path for over 20 years, experiencing, learning, teaching, studying and practicing many Traditional and Non-Traditional Healing methods and Therapies for optimal health and wellbeing  including but not limited to: EFT, Bio-feed back training, Shamanism, Polarity, Cranial sacral, Reiki, Aromatherapy, Chiropractic , Fitness, Nutrition, Vitamin Therapy, Reflexology, and more. I am a believer in the bodies innate ability to heal itself and the Therapies I offer to my clients support that theory. Holistic Counseling, Reiki, Reflexology, Supplemental Nutrition through Wellevate, Essential Oils and Intuitive Energy Healing. Alone or integrated together I have witnessed miraculous results as a receiver and Practitioner. I am so blessed to be able to now share my knowledge and experience to aid others in their journey to Optimal health and overall well being MIND, BODY and SPIRIT.......



Registered  Reiki Master /Teacher and Practitioner



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Reiki Membership Asso.

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